Life after Robin

So it’s official, Van who was once the Man, Robin Van Persie has left Arsenal for bitter rivals Manchester United for around about £22m, becoming the fifth captain to move from Arsenal to a rival (FC Barcelona & Juventus you could count as European rivals I suppose) since Tony Adams retired captain in 2002. In fact, it’s a complete 180 from a decade ago, Adams and most likely none of that double winning side would turn out in the red of Manchester. Back then we hated Manchester United, a decade ago we took their most prized possession from them on their back yard now our captain, the man who’s supposed to be the representation on the pitch of every fan in his seat whether in the stadium or watching at home is willing to be sold to Manchester United.

Could you imagine Tony Adams in 2001 when we’d gone three years without a trophy complaining about the direction of the club and asking to move to Manchester United? It makes you sick almost hypothesising about such a situation.

So what now? What’s next for Arsenal? Well I’m going to try and answer that.

Personally, we’ll probably land on our feet, so many times have we let go of players and not replaced them adequately. Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri weren’t really replaced adequately, Rosicky, Ramsey and Arteta played well last season but they never quite reached the level of Fabregas. However, this season we have actually replaced Robin Van Persie quite adequately with the signings of Podolski and Giroud adding new, fresh attacking talent to the side with Santi Cazorla in midfield giving us more attacking opportunities also.

As I’ve also been arguing Robin Van Persie, without discrediting last season at all is ageing, he’s already missed most of his career with injury, what’s to say he wont get injured again next season? When on form and playing regularly with our midfield Van Persie has shown he’s a brilliant finisher, whether he can work in a duo with Rooney will have to be seen. It will also have to be seen whether the Manchester United midfield will pass exclusively to him like the Arsenal midfield did last season with Van Persie getting so many goals from spectacular assists. Whether Van Persie is so prolific with a poacher like Rooney next to him we shall have to see.

Let’s not discredit what Van Persie did last season, it was a very big achievement to score as many as he did for a player so used to being on the sidelines for long spells of the season, but £22m for a player who has a year on a contract he’s not willing to extend, who’s 29 with a habit of getting injuries at any time isn’t so much of a bad deal if you ask me, Arsene the used car salesman may have done it again, hopefully he hasn’t sold a Ferrari with a Vauxhall hood ornament by mistake.


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